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Anime Deathmatch

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Anime Death Matches
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Welcome to the Anime Deathmatch, this is where you can introduce, argue, or even act out any Character Deathmatch.


1. Everyone must read the rules before joining. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.
2. Respect everyone in the community.
3. No flamming, harrassing, stalking, or picking on anyone. Even if you don't agree with them.
4. All convos must be thought out and backed up. I don't want any, "Cause s/he's awesome" comments. They have to be backed up by facts.
5. You can have any character from any anime fight each other, just describe why you choose them.
6. Be friendly, I can't stress that enough but I don't want people's feelings to be hurt.
6. Any complaints about being flammed, harrassment, being picked on or having their feelings hurt will be given a warning, temporary ban, and finally be kicked out.
7. If things start getting out of hand, will result in locking the community to a members only.
8. Anyone who wants to argue with a persons theory, must have a legitamite reason for their arguement.
9. Please Introduce yourself before you start posting.
10. Have Fun.

There is no rules for becoming a member right now, because its new. I will leave it open for now. If there is any problems then I will lock it and make it so I screen everyone who joins.