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Anime Death Matches

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littledevil8529 @ 01:03 pm: hey
Hi im new to livejournal. I have never joined a community before. What do you do? Im so lost. i need help. Can someone please help me? I hope this is fun.

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Date:March 26th, 2005 09:27 pm (UTC)
Welcome! Its ok, we are all friends here. ^_^

Basically you introduce yourself, and if you have an idea for a anime death match you post it.

When posting a death match you post the match like so:

ex: Edward Elric vs. Alucard

After that you explain why you choose this match and then you can state who you think might win the match. But when argueing your side, you have to have back up your case with good points, not just say, "Because he's cool" or "Because Alucard is better" Or whatever. Look at the previous post, cause they did a good job at it.

Hope that helps a little ^^
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