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May 11th, 2005

yume_shii @ 08:39 am: Battle of Immortals!
Hi! I'm Yume_Shii and I love Anime!

Yuta from Mermaid Forest vs Yakamo from 3x3eyes.

Battle of the immortals.
I'm using Yakamo from season 1 of 3x3eyes to give Yuta a chance.
Who would win? (and/or die first)

You have Yakamo who can fight worth nothing and you have Yuta who can fight worth nothing. Both mosty get blow away by their foes. So who would last longer?

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March 26th, 2005

littledevil8529 @ 07:37 pm: ...
I dont really now alot of anime shows but ill try to do this anyway so if this is bad dont blame me at least i tried.

Im sorry if you dont know this anime but its my friends favorite anime and she bugged me to ask you this.

Kurogane(from Tsubasa)vs.Vash the stampede. I think vash would win because a gun is a long range weapon and Kurogane has a samari sword which is short range. My friend thinks that Kurogane would win because Vash wouldnt want to fire his gun. She thinks Vash is to scared to use his gun but Kurogane is more than happy to use his sword. I said that if Vash was in enough danger he would definitly use his gun. Plus Vash is probably faster than Kurogane.

What do u think? If I get your answer you could help me and my friend out. Even if you dont know who Kurogane is pick what would win sword or gun. Whatis you opinion?

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littledevil8529 @ 01:03 pm: hey
Hi im new to livejournal. I have never joined a community before. What do you do? Im so lost. i need help. Can someone please help me? I hope this is fun.

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March 5th, 2005

joellehart @ 06:34 pm: I am the first person to post in this community (aside from moderator-san). 0.0

I'm a Peace Corps volunteer in Madagascar, and during long bus rides and long walks I keep pondering this match:

Lina Inverse of Slayers v. Alucard of Hellsing

I see Slayers isn't listed in interests, but most otaku should have at least some knowledge -- it's more popular than Hellsing, at least.

Here's how I see it:
-I can see Lina saying "Red-eyed monsters? Whatever." because of her victory over Shabranigdo. And that was her first victory -- what about later, when she has Philbrizzio under her belt?
-But Lina only beat Shabs because she had the Sword of Light to amplify her will. Does she have it again in her battle with Alucard? And is Integral Hellsing watching and helping Alucard? Because if it comes down to a battle of wills between Lina and Integral, each wielding such strong occult powers -- eee, looks bad for Lina in that case.

Of course, there are lots of factors that could go into this, but any thoughts everyone?

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